Katsuya is a modern take on the traditional Japanese Cutlet House.
In fact, the name combines the words ‘Katsu’(Japanese Cutlet) and ‘Ya’ (meaning “ House ”in Japanese).

We serve authentic homemade Japanese Katsu with a variety of signature sauces that will suit anyone’s taste. With the creation of these sauces,
Katsuya will be releasing new interpretations of the famous Japanese dish.

Our fresh breadcrumbs are baked daily and we can’t wait for you to try our selection of delicious new sauces when you visit Katsuya!


Katsuya is a Japanese cutlet house in Toronto, ON, that serves many Japanese food favorites with a twist. We provide you with a delicious Japanese fusion menu full of tasty items, including tonkatsu and much more.

Our pork cutlet restaurant serves the best pork cutlet food in Toronto and our various sauces make every taste bud satisfied. Katsuya offers more fusion food than a traditional Japanese restaurant. All of our fusion Asian foods are prepared by our professional chefs with many years of experience and everything is made fresh and in-house.

Our service and food are unmatched as our recognition on Yelp’s Top 100 Restaurants in Canada for 2017 shows! We make sure that each of our customers is treated like family and each bite is better than the last. You aim to please every bite and every experience in our restaurant.


Effects of ingredients


is considered a Brassica vegetable, known to provide many unique health benefits. It is an excellent source of vitamin K and U, fibre, and minerals, which protect stomach walls and is helpful for weight loss and skincare. It is also rich in vitamin C, beneficial for anti-aging, along with an antioxidant called carotenoid, which aids in skin renewal.

Pork loin

is rich in lysine, an essential amino acid, which promotes growth in youth. It is often used in weight-loss meal plans, as it is considered a low-fat, high protein food.

Pork tender

is full of iron, and it is recommended for toddlers and elders.
It is a low-calorie food, being low in fat and high in protein, which is also good for preventing lifestyle diseases and obesity, as well as strengthening of bone.

Chicken breast

is the leanest meat of chicken. A low-fat, high protein food full of essential amino acids such as methionine, it is helpful for weight-loss as well as reventing diseases in the liver.

Fish katsu

is made with cod, a type of whitefish, which is low in fat. It is also a low-calorie, high-protein food which is rich in vitamin A. Hence, it is often used to produce liver oil and is good for the eye. Cod is a great source of vitamin B1 which prevents colds, vitamin B2 which treats inflammations, and vitamin E which prevents aging.

Cheese katsu

is made using 100% premium mozzarella. Mozzarella cheese is rich in calcium, which strengthens bone and has an antioxidative effect which helps in skincare and anti-aging. Its diuretic effect prevents high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, as well as a hangover, anemia, and constipation.

Double cheese katsu

brings mozzarella and cream cheese together to a fantastic combination. As cream cheese is not aged, it has a soft and clean taste with a slightly tangy, yet savory finish. It also contains vitamin A and B2, which form collagen, and is high in moisture content, both beneficial for skincare.

Brick Cheese Katsu

Brick Cheese Katsu is stuffed with premium brick mozzarella cheese which is wrapped inside with pork loin.

Sweet Potato Cheese Katsu

Sweet Potato Cheese Katsu is based on the pork loin and made with premium mozzarella and mashed sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber as well as containing a low glycemic index.